Everything falls apart.



This pen

and this laptop

will crash

and dump files

into the void.


The Universe is entropy

and chaos,

and in some

strange twist

of cosmic humor,

it seems to me

that the only balancing force,

is us.


Small, brief beings.

Who are we to defy

the natural decay of energy?

Who are we to see nature

and seek to refine it

into some new thing?

What is it that drives us

to deconstruct the atom,

as if it has been bred in us

to ferret out

the ingredients of Creation?


Build and destroy.

Build and destroy.

Distant echoes

of star collapsing holocausts

and swirling masses and energy.

Breakthrough ideas

find genesis

within the mystery system

that has been placed in our heads.


Connections made

at a quantum level

to calculate

the destruction

and creation

of distant stars,

but still


to decode the mystery

of our own existence.


The miracle of life.

The more we observe it,

the more beautiful and intricate

it becomes.

Variable ad infinitum,

no end to the quest

to populate,

and specialize,

and thrive.


Nature is a tide pool,

and a gas giant.

The radiation

and dark matter

of deep space’s

most insane enigmas,

are as much nature

as the deep undergrowth

of the forests

of the Amazon jungle.


Mystery on mystery.

Wonder on wonder.

What fate would place

the eyes and minds

to behold it all,

and the hands to change it

all on a small, blue rock

in a backwater galaxy?


It seems almost foolish

to decide

it is accidental,

but even our greatest minds

have not conceived

of the rationale

behind it.

We decay,

just like the universe,

just as we seek

to solve

the riddle of our demise.


Entropy and chaos.

The vast forces

that form and dissect

the nearly unfathomable vastness

of all things,

somehow become

the work

of a species

that just happened

to be around

to notice.



HG – 2022

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