Mental Health Monday 05.02.22


A Desert Bloom.

In the deserts of Chile, after a rare rain, flowers can be seen sprouting from the deep cracks of the hard, parched ground.

These type of events are analogous to all of our Iives. We may go a season or two without the nourishment our hearts and souls needs to flourish. We may seem dead and barren. We may want to give up.

Deep within us, the seeds of life are hidden, laying dormant, waiting for the right conditions, the right series of events, to come along and spur bountiful and beautiful growth.

This is in all of us.

No one is a desert all the time and no one is a flourishing garden all the time. Each thing has its season of growth, and creation, and death and dormancy. It is good to understand our own cycles of productivity and creativity, when we are at our best and whe we need to rest.

Expecting the desert to bloom all the time is unreasonable. It blossoms when the conditions are right and only then. So too do we flourish in our own season, and even then, only when we are nurtured.

Give yourself a chance. Nurture yourself and set up the right conditions to flourish when the rain comes. The seeds are there.

Have a great week.

Stay #SavageAndWonderful

Much Love!


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