Earth and Atmosphere


Turning the idea of you

over in my head.

Not sure if I believe in you,

or if I made you up, instead.

Nothing else like you here,

but I see you everywhere.

How did you make me

from the earth and atmosphere?


You speak

as if you are

the only thing

that exists,

or has ever existed,

but you

keep using

inclusive words.

How can it be “We”

and be all you?

So confounding,

if not altogether



Turning the idea of me

over in my hands.

Something I can touch,

but I don’t understand.

Nothing else like me here,

but I see me everywhere,

sometimes even in

the earth and atmosphere.


I speak and move

through this world

as if I have

some kind of autonomy,

but I only survive

by the ties

to  my community.

I am alive,

because nature takes its course.

I am

 the transistor,

not the force.

A conduit for the will.

Not mine?

Not yours?


Wondering what all this

is here for.


like love and war,

and the spark of life

at the very core

of everything.

So strange to be here,

experiencing this idea.

Existing, living

this impossible ordeal,

between the earth and the atmosphere.



HG – 2022

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