Clean Water


Come on down to the water,

gotta get you clean.

Wash all of that blood and shit

off of you,

you’re gonna be free.

Cold and crystal clear,

running swiftly to the sea.

We’re gonna make you new

before you mingle with eternity.


It’s got to be something

about the way the world thinks.

Everything needs the rain,

we all need to drink

of that pure life,

living, that can’t be a mistake.

Come on down to the river

and feel truly awake.


Upstream there are rapids,

downstream trouble lives.

We’re going to know one or the other,

it’s part of our choice in this.

I can’t explain the reasons,

I don’t know the cause,

but we all come down to the river

to get clean before we’re gone.


Come down to the river,

wash your wounds,

and clean your soul.

Salvation’s running off the mountain

and the world doesn’t care anymore.

In this moment,

it’s just you,

and God,

and the water

flowing over you.

Come on down

and learn the truth.


Come on down

to the water,

you’re gonna be clean,

for the first time

in a long time,

you’re gonna feel alive.



HG – 2022

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