Everyday Illusions


There is no answer,

just the sound of rain,

which stays cold enough

to freeze on the ground.

no sunrise today,

just grey skies

and I’m okay with it.

Feeling every bit my age.

keep an eye out,

as fear

tries to circle back

around again.

Bought hope

that was supposed

to ward it off,

but I paid a cost

that broke the bank.

Funny how easy it is

to fall for another

every day illusion.


We know better,

but we want to be

saved so badly,

we’ll believe anything.

No new confusion,

just my old friend,


dragging me down

and taking you all with me.

Standard met

and shelves are bare.

No answers here,


or anywhere.

Pay the price

for ignorance

and bear

your head up

and stay aware.

Fear is hunting,

like an old predator

with nothing left to lose.

That’s how we fall

for these

everyday illusions.


Cast my lot

and turn my card.

I know the bet,

and I’m good with the Lord.

Tell him

I tried hard

when He comes back

to play His part.

Nothing easier

than a rainy day,

to disappear

into the grey.

Hazy memories

are the enemies,


just like these

everyday illusions.



HG – 2022

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