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We don’t put

new wine

into old bottles,

or new skin

over old bones.

We don’ sanctify

our weakness

by propping it up

with a throne.


Through all the thorns,

and scars,

and scourges

in our way,

we define ourselves

not by

what comes,

what may.


We gather together

to rejoice

and celebrate

the hard work

and the end

of another passing day.


We don’t worship

the smile and the song.

We don’t condemn what’s right

and deny what’s wrong,

because we know

what happens

if we let this go on;

something much worse

always comes along.


We make our choices

daily by our acts.

We choose our words,

but we don’t choose the facts.

Once something

is put in the world,

it can’t be taken back,

so we aren’t in a hurry

to attack.


All things

in their own time.

You in yours

and I in mine.

We do this together,

because it’s easier to do,

if you help me

and I help you.


Don’t get it confused,

we’ll stand when the time comes.

It won’t matter

what it is once we’ve begun,

or if we ever see

another rising of the Sun.

We’ll give up our lives

for what we love;

it’s what we’ve always done.



HG – 2022

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