Planning Phase


Turning my face

towards the morning Sun,

trying to convince myself

that today

will be a good one,

and that it’s okay

to let go

of who I’ve been.


That old man

doesn’t need me anymore.

Look around

at all the things

I’ve got to move.

There’s no words

that can do the work.

All out of cheap platitudes.

It’s “Do or die” time, now.


Sometimes I’m afraid

that I might have chosen the grave

in a moment of darkness

a long time ago.

Then, I realize

that I’ve survived

those times

and so many others,

so there’s no good

in being afraid.


Let the Sun

take the morning.

Let it shine

on the world.

The only shadow

that I’m gonna cast

is my own,

so I have to own it,

but I don’t have to serve it



These days,

it’s best to just let

the whole world go.

Past, present, and all.

Find some good thing

to grab on to;

like a hammer,

or a shovel,

or a saw,

and build

something good




HG – 2022

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