What had tied us down

and held us in captivity,

rotten away in time.

Iron chains, turned to gossamer thread.

We could move again.

limbs weak from years of stillness,

but hearts full of life,

eyes bright and wide open.

We had wandered into

a spider’s web.


It seems so inevitable,

in hindsight.

We were so naive,

and didn’t know the dangers.

No one told us

we would be hunted.


Living an incautious life,

we fell prey to a predator,

but somehow we survived.

Might it also be

that the spider

also became prey?

Everything eats everything.

It’s one of those truths

they never taught us,

so we learned the hard way.


A trap

is set.

Always something waiting

in the dark,

to catch us


and feed upon us.


there is always

a bigger hunger,

and time remains

the ultimate arbiter

of who eats first.



HG – 2022

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