Buttons that held

our hearts closed.

Things we didn’t need



somewhere along the road.


Naked with you

under these

stars and galaxies.

You thought

you were not enough

to satisfy

my curiosity.


The fact is,

I stopped wondering

with you.

Thought I had all the answers,

such a naive point of view.

I learned,

every time I heard

the truth.


Trust and family came

for me day by day,

but did they ever

come for you?

Angels in the night time,

lovers in the interludes.


A garden grew

to surround us

all around

from what we had discarded

on the ground.

Tears and memories,

broken buttons too,

unclothed us,

but the leaves

cover you.


My eyes do not behold

what they once saw.

Our path

has become a garden wall.

Safe as it is,

in a prison we reside.

So beautiful from the inside.


Press a button,

open up the door.

There is nothing more,

but to go forth

and explore.

Stand naked, together

beneath  the stars

and once again

begin this life of ours.


A new garden

will spring up at our feet

from what we discover

in between

our hearts,

our souls,

and our bodies.



HG – 2022

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