I can’t force the words

to mean what I want them to.

Subtly resisting

my attempts to coerce them.

I can’t make them weep.

I can’t make them cry.

I can’t make them bleed,

but I can try.


This is not a good way

to get healthy.

Many before me

have lost their minds.

Asking answers

from a hedgerow,

throwing themselves

at the sky.


Here I am again,

trying to make sense

of a nonsensical world.

Something like a dream,

something that seems to be real,

but in reality,

is something else.


Try to deny

my own confirmation bias.

Self fulfilling prophecies,

so many of these

lead to disastrous results.

It seems these days

too many bad ideas

become cults,

instead of being thrown away,



Don’t we know

the reason that we go


is because we started

somewhere higher?


There I go again,

words and ideas

just running away from me.

It has always been like this.

Just can’t seem to

get a loop around them.

Rein them in,

bring them home

and break them.


I guess that just the way

that I was raised.

I’m a word wrangler.

I’ve got a whole herd

of ideas

running around out here.


leads you to some pretty

interesting places,

when you chase it.



HG – 2022

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