Matter and Energy


So alien

and hollow,

this place can be.

All this

matter and energy

doesn’t really matter


Is it all just filling space?

Ideas come and go,

like the days,

and people;

all the good ones

pass away.


The best of us

are taken to a fault,

while the worst ideas

become cults.

And then,

disaster on disaster,

as we go running after

each other,

off a cliff that we can’t see.

Matter and energy.


This one,

ultra dense


Not just gravity,

but light itself

gets drawn into

the event horizon

and we see

no reflections of us

in infinity,

and that’s okay.


We might be too strange

to venture on.

Maybe it’s this stage

and we’re just young,

or maybe we were made

for something,

but we forgot what it was?

Will we find our answers

in the stars,

or down here.

right between our ears,

or maybe in our hearts?


Maybe we’ve been wrong

from the start,

and all we are

is only what we see.

A whole universe

yet to be perceived.

Strangers in a strange place,

you and me.

Matter and energy.



HG – 2022

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