There exists a being in your

chameleon skin,

changing in the minute.

No chasing you,

disappear into

whatever place you are.

Suffragist of this

ever changing,

ever shaping world.


Taking the scalpel

from the doctor’s hand.


and performing your

own lobotomy.

Isn’t’ it easy?

Hiding from yourself,

hiding from the world.

Behind layers of insulation,

you can’t even be

a coward.


A little incision here,

implant something there.

An offending appendage

is removed,

and now you fit in


Attracting yourself to

the flame in kind.

Curiosity tempts you,

and dooms you

at the same time.


It’s just who you are;


shape shifter,

skin walker.

The being in you

looks around

and feels exposed.


like a cephalopod

to trick your predators,

not know thing

that the thing

that eats you

is already inside.



change your heart,

change your hair,

change your mind,

and change the world,

it’s only fair.

You got to

make it in the image

of the thing

that’s making you.


Pretty, isn’t it?



HG – 2022

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