I Hear You


I pause for a moment,

and I hear you.

I realize I’ve been speaking,

a steady stream of words,

as if I’m afraid

of what you are saying.


I am now silent

and I hear you.

Your words are low

and they come slowly,

but they ring true

none the less.

The same words

you have always said,

simple truths,

the most fundamental.


I hear you

and I know

I am not worthy,

but you say I am,

so I must disregard myself.

Bring everything

that I know to bear

under the light

that I have avoided.


You speak of hard things,

but do so

with compassion.

I could never doubt,

in any world,

your love.

You care,


and nurture

all the best parts of me

and ask me

to heal the rest.


As I sit

silently meditating,

I eventually notice

you have stopped speaking.

I can feel your eyes on me,

a gaze I look away from,

as if afraid that I will be exposed.


When I look up

I don’t see my accuser.

I see you,

in radiance,

much like the day.

My fear melts away,

replaced by fullness,

as you reach out

and embrace me.


I hear you.

I see you.

I feel you.

I acknowledge you,

in everything.



HG – 2022

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