Last Train


Find the exit.

It’s time to go.

That last train will leave

and you’ll be stuck here.

So many days

spent searching

for something you thought

you lost

while living here.


It’s beginning to feel

like you’ve been missing

something important

for a while,

and you’re scared to admit,

maybe you never had it.

Calling out

to something

you don’t recognize.

Not sure you’d even

know it

if you found it.


How did you exist

to this point

without it?

The clock is ticking.

Do you give up?

If you find it,

will it do you any good

in this



This maze of monsters?

This lair of liars?

How do you live

without something


Something you’ve never had.

Something you’re never known.

Something you’ve only ever felt

one time



But, you know it’s true,

and you know it’s right,

and when you board the train,

the last of the night,

the light it fades,

as if all the stars hide.

The further you get

from your life,

the more you realize

it’s everywhere,

free and abundant.


It was you

and the place you were in

that kept you

from living

as you know

you were meant to.


on that last train out,

you can feel yourself grow

and live.



HG – 2022

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