Chaos and entropy.

We cave

to a natural state.

Our bodies,

our minds,

our world,

dissolves itself in time

under the will

of some divine disorder.


Heaven help us.


A spark in the night.

Mind fed

sees the geometry

in the flower

and the sands.


draws upon

stone and wood

and seeks a deeper meaning

in the winds,

and thunder’s drums.


All laws are meant to be repealed.

From flightless to intrepid,

Tyrannis to Libertas,

we brook no council

with nature’s ways,

but seek at every turn

to defy them.


Subtle as an avalanche,

what once was forest and field

becomes asteroids

and radiation belts.

From deep inside ourselves,

we begin to grasp the artist’s vision

that twisted the helix of our creation,

and bent the polarity of atoms

to power our mitochondria.


At ever turn,

Chaos and Order,

of a spectrum,


and magnitude

we could not foresee.

Bold as we may be

to push the maverick,

our constant humility

is ensured.


The Universe

becomes nature.

The cosmos,

the frontier,

and soon,

a backyard garden.

Have we ever wondered

if we belong

to Nature writ large,

or if perhaps,

She truly is




HG – 2022

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  1. I haven’t written one of these in a while. These untitled pieces are just a freestyle, “off the dome” kind of writing, direct to the website without editing.

    Hope you enjoy it!

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