Ride Out


New day’s sun

burns a long highway ride.

Rips paths through a thousand miles

of forests and mountains,

all the way West

to the ocean.

I set aside my mind

and the chance of failure.

All I crave is the disconnect,

I need it like I used to need


and booze,

and dope,

and acceptance.


The path changed me.

It forked on a curve

and I went flying.

Crash landed down a ravine

and thought for sure I was dead.

I lay there,

hung up in the rocks and trees

for hours,

watching my blood drip

into strange patterns

on the rocks.


I waited to die,

but night came

and I didn’t go.

It might have been

a hallucination

brought on

by fear,

or blood loss,

or trauma,

but I felt a presence with me.

Someone was there.

They stayed with me,

sat with me,

through that cold, dark night

of pain,

and absolute despair.


My visitor told me

of my purpose,

and my place

in this world,

and in the others.

All I was,

and all I could become,

laid bare for me.


Shouting and lights above.

Crashing bodies,

racing down the rocks

into the underbrush.

The thin light of dawn

through the trees.

A new day’s sun

and hands that lift me to safety.



A gift given and restored.

Hope and Faith,

fuel in the tank.

That road winds out long,

and I

may not make it to the ocean.

I might find a place

amongst those majestic peaks

to call my own.


God knows,

this day-to-day world

is not my kingdom,

just as it isn’t His.

He and I are gonna ride out together

and catch up on old stories.

A few thousand years

of new days,


and long roads.



HG – 2022

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