April Fool


Struggling inside.

Who you want to be


under all this

endless detritus.

you’ve been

picking at

old wounds again,

letting the life drain out.

Can’t just let yourself heal,

rather keep digging the ground.


Something as simple

as just existing

escapes your grasp.

You’re so close,

yet so far,

after so long,

at last,

you’re at the end

of your rope

at the bottom of the world.


You could never be satisfied

with just being hurt

and moving on.

You had to play

the victim

didn’t you?


you can join

your retinue.

The suffering will continue

until you find it in you.

to live

your life.


It comes from the inside.

It’s in there,


Buried deep,

I know you’re scared

to let it live,

because it’s everything

you said it isn’t.


You’re such a tragedy,

but it’s comedic,

as you fight to deny

the very thing

that would keep you alive

and call you out

of that Hell you reside in

inside yourself.


In the end,

you’ll have no one to blame,

but you.

Why let all this needless suffering


Life only comfort

for a while.

Don’t you want to die

with a smile?



HG – 2022

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