The Wave


Here comes the day,

that one you’ve been running form,

but you just can’t get away.

Close, like a dream.

Trying to move,

but you only ooze

across the screen.

Your life bleeds

from one day to the next.

What did you expect,

taking your leave of every scene?


So, you’re losing your grip

on what’s important here.

Maybe it’s time

to step inside

and look the mirror.

Seeing you


with this abuse

is something

somewhat amusing,

somewhat tragic.

I watch you reach for the magic

and it’s never there.


Only peripherally aware,

you’re sliding into

a busy intersection.

The next lesson

you’ll be shown

is a hard one.

Do I tell you,

or no,

such a conundrum.

If I save you,

I steal

your opportunity to learn.

if I don’t,

I get to sit back

and watch you crash and burn.


Don’t you know

that everything you are

is at stake?

Don’t you know

that it’s all life and death,

and one little mistake

can take you down?

Never gonna get up again.

Look around,

the world is full

of victims and casualties.

Losing your identity

is a blessing

when you get to choose

who you want to be,

after the crash.

When this disaster

knocks you on your ass,

you’ll be whatever you do after.


It’s simple things

that make up the Universe,

not complicated,


people like us.

Gather in,


that you have left,

that is what you take

onto what’s next.

Here comes the day

you didn’t want to face


You had your chance.

You had your day.

Ready or not,

here comes the wave.



HG – 2022

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