Reflecting You


Trying to make out that face.

Trying to recognize my life.

So many images

and tears

blur my mind,

and cover my eyes.


Faith and fate,

they arise

from darkness.

Make it up

as I go along.

Playing my part in this

sad, sad game.


Home is a place to be found.

You come and I’m not there.

Spinning your world around,

missing the gold, unaware

that your treasure

is right in front of you,

but you don’t recognize it.


Spent so long searching,

that you have no way

to categorize it.

The face is yours,

but, who are you?

Who am I?

Are we two?


The bridge of your nose

isn’t like mine.

Your eyes, a different shape.

You skin,

a different hue,

but you are me,

or someone I create

to reflect me.


Just a mirror,


my interior.

So, simply put,

I am not alone.

I have you

and we have home.


But you’re not here,

and I’m not there.

Seeking each other

in ourselves,

dimly aware

that we’re

going through

something incredible.


I need you,

and you need me.

It’s critical

we believe

in each other.

I see you, now.

I need you, now.

I believe you , now.



HG – 2022

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