What words could describe us?

What words could heal us?

What words could find us

in the darkness

and give life to us?


What words could save you?

What would dissuade you

from fading away

in the light?

What words would make it right?


What words would stop you?

What words have caught you

by the wrist,

proved that you exist

and you’ve got to

keep breathing,

keep feeling.

Don’t wall yourself up

in your tower

brick by brick.


What words could show us?

What words could grow us?

What words could break down the walls

and expose us

to each other,

to the elements,

to the sky?

We don’t have to die

staring out across this divide


and silent.


What words would help us grieve?

what words would help us believe?

Tell me and I’ll write them,

sing them,

help me give life to them.


It’s clear we need

something to help us


divinity in each other,

our universe,

our selves.


What words could tell

your story?

Stop saying you’re sorry,

’cause you’re not.

You’re just living

without the words

to tell me

who you are.



HG – 2022

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