A New Day


Scrambling up

jagged mountainsides,

trying to catch a glimpse

of the sunrise.

The moment

where the land turns

from darkness to light.


Far below,

the city sparkles

like jewels in the valley,

stars stolen

from a discarded crown.


Hands cut

and feet blistered,

panting in the thin air

of the almost dawn.

Cold makes my breath

come in clouds,

and bites my face,

even as I am sweating.


To the East,

I behold the sky,

now blue,

now pink,

now gold,

and then,

a single sliver of sunlight

breaks the horizon.


For a second,

I am blinded.

For a second,

I don’t see,

or hear,

or think abbot anything.

Not you,

not me,

not death,

or life,

or debts,

or war,

or even the fact

that I’ll have to find my way

down this fucking mountain.


For a second,

there is just the light of dawn.

A new day.

As the Great Disc rises,

I can watch the shadows retreat,

all the way back to the

sparkling city in the valley,

until its glass towers shine brilliantly.


The cold air already feels warmer.

Once the sun clears the line

that delineates Earth from sky,

I am ready to head back down,

but first,

I think about you,

and me,

and death,

and life,

and debts,

and war,

and even the fact

that I have to make my way

down this fucking mountain,

doesn’t bother me a bit.

I can handle it.


The hardships of life

can be borne,

and whatever darkness

we can’t illuminate ourselves

will be chased off

by the first rays

of a new day.



HG – 2022

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