Read the Wind


Hold over

on long shots,

but know your D.o.P.E.

Trust your instincts,

but never stop listening.

The world

will tell you more

in an hour,

if you just shut the fuck up,

then you could learn

in a year of reading.


Counting blessings,

is no recuse

from progress.

Sure, you’ve spiked the vein

and touched the Spirit,

but did you take to heart

the lessons that came

from that rictus grin

and bony hand?


Did you listen,

or did fear cloud your mind?

It’s so easy to say

” I bought the ticket

and took the ride.”,

but in the end,

did you really hear

what the wind

that was rushing past your head

was saying?


Long past time, now.

No more sweet shots,

unless you really bust your ass.

Free rides,

free love

and fee drugs,

only go to places

where people die.


Where are you going?

Do you know?

Have you looked out,

far upon this

long, forever prairie,

all the way out

to the mountains

and learned

to read the wind?



HG – 2022

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