Blessed Ostracized


Likes in courses like

blind birds in flight,

spinning off

on strange vectors

as the flock

misguides them

with delight.


Branches in a creek

soon seek

each another,

until they snarl up

the passage of others.

We stick together,

like it or not.

Brothers, or hot

conflict bastards.


We’ve been this way


Tribal predators.

Leaves gather

in the corners,

and under trees.

Shelter from the breeze.

It is uncommon

to find but one alone,

and we’re no different

than these.


Drive the herd

and keep them close.

A few will stray,

but most won’t.

The young instinctively

go to their mothers,

and the others

watch the darkness most.


Can’t say we’ve evolved

when I see we’re resolved

to live the only way

we’ve ever known.

A kingdom or a throne,

a person, or a clone,

will never do what others don’t.


In this strange design

there are few who resign

to live a life separate

and walk outside.

To count the stars alone,

to build themselves a home

away from the hive mind.

Our future

will reside


with those blessed ostracized.



HG – 2022

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