White Rabbits


Keep the face serene.

Inside the teeth bite

harder than they should.

Used to sleep nights,

now the morning waits



How did the sky high

fall down?

What are you going to do


Keep going,

even with the smoke

of a crash landing

in your lungs,

I hear you saying,

“White rabbits,

white rabbits,

white rabbits.”

as you walk away.


Such a proud face,

amazing gaze.

That’s a lot to take away.

Try to drown the stars,

but every day

still turns out just the same.

The night comes

and on a cloudless one

you see them start to come out,

a billion tiny suns

so far away

and it’s so strange

that they remind you

of everyone that’s passed away.

Sitting by the fireside,

tears in your eyes

and I hear you saying,

“White rabbits,

white rabbits,

white rabbits.”


This all comes down

to a single afternoon

on a street corner,

life in full bloom.

Do you choose to stay,

or go too soon?

As if we need the room.

We all have to cross

that street one day,

but you’ve got downtown to play,

Sundays to sing “Amazing Grace”,

and the face of a special lady.

Exhaust from the traffic

must be in your eyes,

because beneath the street noise

I can hear you crying

and whispering,

“White rabbits,

white rabbits,

white rabbits.”



HG – 2022

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