Out on the Ice



break to the dawn

of a new day.

Thin ice

gives way

and we plunge under.

The sinking feeling

of the ground

we’ve come to trust

being pulled out

from under us.


Which is the truer reality?

This wood and stone world,

or the one created

by the mechanisms

of our consciousness?

Perhaps both are a lie?

Is love in one world

worth more

than love in the other?


When we die

do we truly cease to dream?

Falling asleep

is far from death,

but it comes to us

like a thief

and steals us away.


we’re gone

to some other place.

An alien world

that seldom

resembles our own.


It’s as if

our lives

are spent

chasing moonlight

our across a frozen lake.

Day after day,

night after night,

the ice breaks

and we fall in.



by a receiving blackness,

and when we wake,

we’ve been under

quite a while,

but here we are,

safe in our beds again,

until the moon

calls us out

onto the ice

once more.



HG – 2022

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