Suckers and Shadows


This is how it starts.

That first feeling,

almost fleeting,

and disappearing

from the edge

of your vision.

The question of consciousness,

“Did I see that,

or just imagine it.”


Struggle with telling yourself

you’re okay,

you’re normal.

You know it’s a lie,

but you’re not ready

to integrate.


There are whole worlds

out there

you can’t imagine.

Why are you wasting your time

trying to fit into this

sad and broken

group of perfect automatons?

Bought and paid for.

Programmed and abandoned.


Wouldn’t you like to see

a world

that understands you?

Wouldn’t you like to feel

at home?

You’re not going to see

all the possibilities

from your bedroom,

on your phone.


They’re just suckering you in.

Remember when

life used to be pleasant?

Remember when

you felt safe?

Remember when waking

wasn’t a disappointment?

I hear you crying

to escape.

Well, I can help you.

Stop giving in.

Stop anything

that keeps you sitting there.


That thing that disappears

from the corner of your eye

is your shadow,

trying to lead you through.

You can’t follow

if you refuse

to know the truth

of who you are.

There is a life

after all the scars.



HG – 2022

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