See what you must see.

Do what you must do.

There is no escape

from this interlude.

While away the days

living life subdued.

Make it all make sense,

but everything is skewed.


Like trying to sleep

on the rolling ocean.

Nothing in this world

seems certain.

Even all the people,

every person,

divided and excited

as things worsen.


Wasn’t it nice to be

free from the opinion machine?

Weren’t we so free

when we had some anonymity?

Now, it’s like we’re clowns,

trapped in a circus burning down,

and all around, the crowd

cheer louder as the flames gain ground.


Subtlety seems like something

lost upon our introduction.

Claim the field

and claim the facts

and hope the truth falls in your lap.

Stumping for some higher function,

giving everything for nothing.

Mocking the juxtaposition,

depopulate the opposition,

then deny you do it when they ask.

Don’t you see,

all the monsters wearing masks.


So easily

distracted and denied.



and reassigned.

Becoming the plague

they pushed on you.

There’s no escape from this interlude.


See what you want to see,

but do what you’re told.

It’s obvious

who’s really in control.

Just relax,

you never really owned


even your soul.

Now, fall in with the patrol.

Off to war we go.


Do what you must do

to change what happens

after this interlude.

It’s all up to you.

Expect to self-rescue.



HG – 2022

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