In Shadow


Came across

a man who walked

in shadow.

Didn’t know his skin,

but I could see within

his eyes,

which matched Heaven.


Even in the dark

he seemed to glow,

his very existence


as if he were here,

but superimposed

into this world

from somewhere else.


He never made a move

at noon,

nor did he utter a word

at Happy Hour.

He stayed,

always in the same place,

as if the purpose

of his existence

was just to exist

as an example

to the rest of us,

who make

a mockery of existence.


It was a Thursday,

in springtime.

I sat down to have a drink

and looked

at the mirror behind the bar.

Dark corner seat,

his favorite haunts

and there he was

watching me,

watching everyone.


I focused on my hands.

I didn’t understand,

but some part of me

yearned to be understood

and that’s the part

I was trying to kill

with alcohol.


I glanced back up

and he smiled at me,

his eyes trying to drag me in,

like gravity.

I blinked and he was gone,

and so was the man at the bar.

A hollow husk

of a broken being,

who sat,

staring  at me in the mirror.

The one

who didn’t really exist.



HG – 2022

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