What do you see?

Does the light in your eyes

still bend,

piercing the shadows?

Used to keep in mind

the little things,

and made others aware

that there were unseen worlds.

Now, you turn your head

and look away

whenever one’s destroyed

or sold into bondage.


Why are you afraid?

You used to be the one

that could take

the first light of Sun

and blaze a day with it.

Never saw the image

on your face

of fear,

or loss,

or hopelessness.

You would flash a smile

and bur away darkness

like a wildfire

spreading in the deadfall.


You wouldn’t know it, now.

The spark is gone

and so too, is your smile.

I don’t blame you.

This world has a way

of burning out

even the brightest of us.

The light has changed,

as if the Sun

has grown stronger

and now the shadows

become refugees.

We are all displaced,

and maybe that

is why I find you staring

off into a void

that once was filled

with purpose for you?


What do you see?

Is it the same thing

day after day?

Is it the hopelessness,

or the loneliness

of ashes?

We need you.

Your wit,

your smile,

and your cold fire,

before we all fall

and become tinder

for the flames,

like deadfall.



HG – 2022

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