Drowning Anxiety




black, mirror pool.


but sonly so

the thing beneath

stays hidden.

Cover and consider

this shadow

that I am

and I have been.



holding it

to my chest.

Almost begging

the world

to end,

so that I


have to let



Wrapped around me,

my many-legged



with so many eyes

and teeth.

Always with one

hand around

my heart,

and fingers

in my brain,

tearing me apart.


Hopeless and derelict.

How does it feel

to be falling

for days?

It must be


The grip

of the real world

doesn’t care

if it slips a little,

dropping you

down there.


Need to find release,

but not the same

old poison.

Not the same

old fear.

Breaking the surface,

letting it out

and drowning

my disease

in crystal clarity.



HG – 2022

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