At a loss

these days.

Trust is gone

in so many things,

but this world remains

the same,

torrid and beautiful.


I ask my self

the same things

every single day.

“Why do we hide

when we could thrive?

Why do some memories fade

while others remain?”


There’s more to this life

than pain.

There’s more to this world

than our face.

More to explore,

more to see,

why are we surprised

when we see differently?


If we create


then why

would we choose to live

in misery?

Our time here

is so brief,

why not enjoy the scenery?


I can’t explain


There’s more at stake

than I can claim

but I’ve got a voice,

I made my choice

and I will live

while I remain.


This is the day.

I don’t need to comprehend.

I don’t need to understand.

I just need

to live

until tomorrow.



HG – 2022

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