The Death of a Deity


Do I come back to you

with anger, or forgiveness?

Give you my body

and my soul?

Will you fight me for control

and end this life

as my enemy?

Consciousness decays

and in time we betray

everything and everyone.

Are we worthy of distain,

or the death of a deity?


Cover up our crimes,

they all come out in time,

and demons laugh

and angels cry.

We speak condemning words.

Draw blood to slake out thirst,

but we are never satisfied.



Is it us,

or them?

Identify in those outside

who must be ostracized.

Hide our own sins inside

and think that we are canonized

when we die.


Saints and sinners,

we might be

worthy of

the death of a deity.

Returning to find you

crying in the ash.


and bloodlines

all come to pass.

Fire, flood and famine

come at last,

and all your pretty beaches

turned to glass.


What words would make

everything better, now?

What sounds might make

your loved ones rise

from the ground?

You made the choice

to bring the veil down.

Can you live

with the truth

that you have found?


It only costs you everything.

A small price to pay

to claim all of reality.

Are you worthy

of all of the world’s fealty?

Do you deserve

the death of a deity?



HG – 2022

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