No Encore


Brass chimes

that fall apart

in high winds.

Singing out

their final song

before the storm

takes them.

Do we ever notice

the last

of anything?


Sounds of life

and never quiet.

Hold the world at bay

with crystal timbre.

So low the notes fall

to hit the sad ones.

Give it a minute,

You’re gonna love

the chorus.




Not one sound.

The band stops,

the record scratches,

and the birds fly away.

Heartless archers

consider the world

their target.


Bring it all home.

One more big refrain.

The house comes down

and the crowd goes wild.

File out.

Ones and twos.

Get into their cars

and drive home,

but the song

doesn’t stay

on their lips

very long.


Worn out bass drum,

punched through.

Old guitar,

bent neck,

and no strings.

Tarnished trumpet,

mouthpiece missing.

Do you think

anyone knows

when they played

their last song?



HG – 2022

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