Mitigating a Disaster


I don’t want to

do this thing

that I’m about to do.

No benefit

to it at all.

It’ll only  be

mitigating a disaster.


Blessed be the eyes that see,

the mind inclined to perceive

a world full of tragedies

and hosts of potential enemies.


I’d be paranoia,

if I believed

anything I see,

half of what I read,

and very little

of any thoughts

influencing me.

Checking my misconceptions

has become routine,

but I get the feeling

it’s just me.


What do I know, anyway?

Want me to go to war

with half-baked ideologies?

Want me to compromise

my whole life

for a fallacy?

I still wonder why

we have to die

for your

more fortunate progeny?


Same answers as before.

Close the door.

I won’t buy what you’re selling me.

You keep escalating

the bylines,

to keep the headlines

on the rise.

Influence is only the design

when the people are the prize.


Keep my head on my

neck and shoulders.

That’s gotta be the goal,

don’t let emotion

cloud the mind.

It’s so easy

to find ourselves swept away.


Guess I’ll have to fight.

Like I ever stopped.

Everything a riot

more often than not.

Keep it on my terms,

learn my fields of fire,

but I know when to hold

steady on the line.


War is not my desire.



HG – 2022

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