Heal Thyself


This is going to hurt

both of us,

as so many

necessary things do.

Life is living,

breathing, trying.

Dying is nothing,

but the end of this.


Trying to find the words

to come right out

and tell you

that I don’t know

the medicine to heal you.

Life in many ways


a self-inflicted wound,

and you

are so very good

at wounding.


When your words

are weapons,

turning them on others

might get you what you want,

even it’s just to be

left alone.

Eventually you’ll do it,

you’ll make the same mistake

we all do in life,

and you’re going to

want to die.


As easy

as it might be

to turn those weapons

on yourself,

and tell yourself

lies and truths

of your abuse.

Tempting as it might be

to want to feel

the misery

and end it,

there is no remedy there.


I wish I knew

the words to bandage your wounds,

the way to speak

through to you

that would heal all this abuse.

I can’t do it,

so it’s up to you.

To lift your head again.

Put your eyes up high

and use those same words

to heal your pain.


You can do it.

It’s in you.

Life wants to continue.

Speak and be renewed.

All I can do

is help you

find your voice,

so you can sing

your own medicine.



HG – 2022

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