Peace and Quiet


It still exists,

you know,

that old,

familiar place.

It’ still quiet there.

The whole world

has kept away.


There’s money to be made

in keeping our minds

in the everyday,


that peace and quiet

used to be commonplace.


Just off the road you know,

there are no signs

showing you where to go.

It’s not found on-line.

You might get directions,

they might be right,

they might be wrong.

You might just figure it out

if you listen to the song.


Tucked away

in the hills,

in the woods,

in the past.

Old growth,

old stone,

the only things that last.


People these days

watch a clock

hoping it’s as fast,

as they car,

or their wifi connection,

as their life get passed.


I can still hear the water

of the nearby creek.

I can still smell the wood,

fresh split every week.

I can smell the cooking

and the fire on which it was made.

I remember a time

when we weren’t so afraid.


We can go there,

you know.

That place still exists.

As my time goes by

I find it harder to resist.

Watch the world divide

where it used to multiply.

I know a place

that’s just mountains

and clear, blue sky.


It’s still there,

you know,

right where we left it.

The only way it gets lost,

is if we forget it.



HG – 2022

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