Nightmares of a Blind Machine


Artificial life.

Artificial death.

The Devil can’t steal

what isn’t really there.


Artificial love.

Artificial hate.

Can’t wound

a virtual heart.


Blame the construct.

Flesh and blood

designer dead.

Future pleas to obstruct

the code that’s already been laid.


Summit to summit.

Peak to beak.

Crashing in between.


synthesized in graphene.


distilled down to the obscene.




Controlled remotely.


Artificial mind.

Artificial thought.

How can we tell

we are the same?


Artificial skin.

Artificial dick.

You won’t feel

a difference.


What makes

any of his


The pain,

the love,

the blood?

Prove to me

that our life here

is not the artificial one.



is done by trees.

They know how to move

in the breeze.

The birds,

the snakes,

the squirrel,

the worm

could hardly be

less concerned.


We are the problem, here.

Perhaps if we disappear

the whole world

disappears, too?

No need for it to continue.


Artificial fear.

Artificial hope.

We are only organics.


Artificial gods.

Artificial ghosts.

Do we even exist?



HG – 2022

3 thoughts on “Nightmares of a Blind Machine

  1. I love this piece Hokus. Very thought provoking. People may read this piece and think all those things aren’t artificial, but there are so many things in our society that are artificial that it’s crazy. Artificial women, artificial children, dozens of artificial 🐝 bees copyrighted as a precaution to when honey bees are completely gone. I also applaud you for giving such credit to our beautiful trees which have so many things in nature that are supported by them. Of course I am a person of great faith so God is real to me and the one thing I feel like I can truly always count on in the world. He is first in my life. I like the way you put forth this idea for people to chew on, very poetically. Great writing!!! Have an amazing weekend. Big hugs to you and your loved ones. 🤗❤️🦋

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