Feel It


Do you feel it?


I mean,

really feel it?


Let it slowly

take control.

That emotion

you’ve been keeping




you say and do,

washing like a wave

over you.


Let it drag

you down,

fill your lungs,

until it is

all you know.


Just for a moment,

know yourself.

The fear,

the love,

the joy

that drives you.


So many of us

are not in touch

with who we are

on such a  base level.


Deny our motivations,

deny our trials,

or anything

that might

be worthwhile.


Expose ourselves

to ourselves

and know the truth.

So many are

addicted to abuse.


The chance to see

is turned away,

because we are



Do you feel it?


That one.

The one you’ve been avoiding

for a long time.


Just let it out

for a little while.

Come now,

it’s only trauma, child.


You’ve got to know

yourself, now.

Tomorrow wont’ be time

to let it all out.


We’re going

to need you

to know you

for sure.



HG – 2022

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