Ergotamine Gods


Fade away

in the storm clouds coming,

maybe they’ll

wash away the ground.

Eyes afraid,

but I can’t blame ’em

the brave are hardly ever found.


Wandered away

from the dense city,

tripping over painted lines.

Ergotamine gods take no pity

on any one who’s arriving blind.


Speaking words

aren’t all magic.

We trip over our tongues.

Tell the story,

always tragic,

seems like they’re the only ones

that they remember

when the rain comes down

and no one else is around.


Losing days,

but finding the moments.

Doing things

to keep moving on.

Got to keep

this plane in motion.

If it stops,

it’s going down.


Lines on my face

and scars on my hands,


I don’t recognize ’em.

Snow on the plains,

but I’ve got plans,

lost for now,

but I’m gonna find ’em.


Can’t seem to forget,

or remember.

The future isn’t clear

and the past is gone.

I think this is gonna

go on forever,

but for me

forever’s not that long.


Sun will come

and I’ll seek the horizon.

Maybe to the mountains,

maybe to the sea.

Stay the hell

out of cities,

lift my eyes up

and try to be free.



HG – 2022

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