The Hellfire Club


Come out of your

safe space

and comfort zones,

your curated

ivory towers,

your fortress

of solitude,


parent’s basement.


Love this.



is passing quickly

before your eyes

and libido.

So soon to meet the maker.

Doesn’t it

have such a nice ring to it?


So narcissistic,

aren’t we?

No time for tools and treasure.

No cultivating ritual.

Reject all invitations.


In the wretched

pharmaceutical atrocity

called a personality,

heart stops palpitating

long enough to breathe the edict.


Separated from the thread.

Your balloon is holding air,

but it won’t be long

before you’re

cut free from being here.


Simulate another atom bomb.

No culture,

no criterion.

Butchers and thieves alike,

stand at your

waking bedside.


Come to destroy,

come to enhance,

come to the party.

You already know the dance.

Exotic doesn’t even

slow you down.


Worst of the worst,

but now,

just common ground.

Come  and see

what you’ve built.

Aren’t you proud?

You’re a builder,

but you’ll love it

when it all comes down.


The collective

was never special,

if it devoured

the individual.

Just as toxic alone,

as all your tribal colors.


The place is set.

Come get your bread.

Come take a hit

right to the head.

Come get our shot.

Come get your chip.

Come get your smile,

it’s cut to fit.


You’ll look so good

once you fit in.

Let me wipe that spit

off of your chin.

Isn’t it great?

Isn’t it grand?

You’ll love what’s next.

The whole thing’s planned.


‘Cause we believe

we’re in control.

We gained the world

and sold our souls.

You’ll love it here,

so glad you came.

Come join us in

our Great Charade.


Any minute, now.

Any second, now.

Any moment, now.

You’re gonna see

the blinding light

of our new day.



HG – 2022

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