Faded Negative


Learning to write

with my eyes closed.

Letting my mind speak

the words of my soul,

before they are colored

by the world.

Just the grey-green

of a negative.


Colorized minds

often hide

behind the splendor

of their own imaginings.

I prefer

the semi-transparent,

almost faded,

images of ghostly figures

and haunted places.


Is this the past tense

or the present?

Is this you,

or do I allude to

someone else?

Some other time,

some other place.

Sometimes my aim

is to lure you away,

help you into

a trance state,

where you might start to see

the world

in the same

faded negative

as me.


Just for a second.


you shake your head

and come back again.

Color bright and vibrant,

and you know

for one, brief moment,

that another world exists,

but you would rather have



Land of daylight

and insight.

No ghosts in pictures

that could have been



or whenever.


most people

like time to be linear.

That’s okay,

I’m still trying to make

a space for my heart

and my soul

in this timeline.


I write

with my eyes closed.



HG – 2022

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