No Gods at All


From a time

when we were

only friends.

You took

the best of me.

I gave you everything.


was so easy

and we were fools,

so we laughed plenty.


We’d cast our cares out

in each other’s name.

So good,

if we only could

have stood the pain.

Came back to reality again.


but not lonesome;

I guess that’s the game.


There were tears,


we all saw.

The fear that broke

and became awe.

Each had us running

to another God,

and some of us to

no gods at all.


Picking up

right where we left off

doesn’t seem as easy

as it might have been.

We’ve all taken a few

shots to the chin,

but we remain

the same in many ways.


Lost touch,

but it doesn’t matter


Pretty soon,

we’ll all be

dying in the door.

I don’t know

if you’re ready

for that chorus,

but that old refrain

is coming around again.


Sit down,

let me bend your ear.

Crack a beer

and make the most of here.

We’ve been gone

all these years,

so let’s just take

a minute

to clear the air.



HG – 2022

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