City Violet


Black sky

give way

to vaguely violet stars.

Back set,

2-D silhouettes,

yellow streetlights

pale and drawn.


Somewhere in between a dream

and the waking dawn.

Watching through the windows

as lovers come to call.

Voices are like music.

They yell and raise in pitch.

Low tones and melody fits

in with the sound

of far off freeway traffic.


The perfect cover for a tryst.

How does this exist?

Cardboard cut-out world.

Too clichéd to be risqué,

but full of hidden danger.

Hard to imagine any place

more corrupt, or stranger,

but we get up

and we arrange the backdrop

just so.

Rain falls,

and in the purple glow

the blacktop streets

lead us low.


Alley children

and lost gutter mothers.

Showtime windows closed

at every Apollo.

We don’t’ hear the cries

through the closed windows,

just that far off

freeway traffic roar.


Dark night.

City life.

Stray cat shadows

and a dog barks

at a seemingly regular interval.

Distant from the crystal

high rise missile silos;

this is where the life is.


Under  this strange luminescence,

that shows us all

in our jaundice.

Sick and farthest

from the womb

that brought us,

then forgot us.


We live forever

in this constant twilight.

Lit by the street signs

and the never quite quiet life

of our slice of the city side.

Retire under violet starlight.



HG – 2022

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