Animal Anomalous


Nature doesn’t make mistakes;

such a stupid thing to say.

Everyone and everything

mistakes its natures in its way.

The lines on a plane

indicate directions,

but we line up on either side

forming into factions.


It’s amazing

how easily we get it wrong.

A stranger’s look,

or the words to a song,

and we’ll

happily go on

our whole lives

believing we were right.


There is no moral

in the rain.

There is no beauty

in the Sun.

These are just

subjective reckonings

and they’re the least

of what we’ve done.


There is power in the eyes.

There is magic in the blood.

We believe in nature

and we do what nature does.


We dig inside the earth,

extract the metals out.

Smelt it and refine it.

Forge it and draw it out.

Shape its face into a blade,

one that shines from within

and marvel and how well

it splits the skin,

and call it “Beautiful”.


Nature doesn’t make mistakes.

Atrocity is in its blood.

It breathes life and death

without preference for either one.


We are nature

distilled down.

Avatar of worldly form.

Reflection of the desert sands,

ocean waves,

and forest floor.


Animal anomalous,

creature of curious mind.

Not knowing our own nature,

or the lineage of our kind.


Nature  doesn’t make mistakes;

such a stupid thing to say.

Nature makes them all the time,

but she always washes them away.



HG – 2022

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