Making Art


Building something beautiful

on a paper of imperfections.

Gliding lines along

spider fingers,

trying to spin

and weave in concert.


No blueprint,

or skeleton.

No guiding light,

or master’s touch.

Just me,

and my mind,

and my soul,

reaching out into the universe.


What is the point

if it is not to make

a connection?

What construction

would possibly become

worthy of the exercise,

and take into account

the beauty and complexity

of the subjects?


There is no more inspired art

than human interaction.

The grace and style

with which we can


love and fear,

lies, and our excitement.

Our thinking

comes out in astonishing ways.


The words we choose

are vulgar incantations,

when compared

with clothes, and eyes,

and smiles.

We speak in subconscious


and we’ve been doing it

a while.


So words upon a page

are just an outline.

art is life

and how we live.

From how we wake

and take in

the blessing of a morning,

to how we face the darkness

that awaits us at the end.


I see your eyes

touching my expressions

and your posture shifts,

your breathing quickens slightly.


we are making art together.

Together we will make the world.



HG – 2022

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