In Our Nature


Time encloses,

surely as a wall.

Every day we place

a brick.

Then after years

we look about

and wonder,

how on earth

we became

so trapped.


What is it about

the wild,

that seeks to disturb

the very ground

on which we’ve built



Cracks begin to show

in even the strongest

and most beautiful.


and ice fracturing,

soon make short work

of the structures we’ve built

to support our lies,

protect our hearts.


But, from what?

What are we afraid of?

The clean air

and wide open sky?

The wildlife,

or the winter cold?

The work,

or the hardship,

or the dark stranger

who visits us

in the night?


Is that why we hide

behind tall spires

of rebar, glass, and concrete?


within walls,

within walls.

So inundated by sound

we cannot hear

the decrepitude

of our own hearts.


Away from who we are,

or who we might be;

maybe we’ve been

running away for centuries?

Our own fear

driving us to go,

to travel,

to explore,

and to kill the other.


We enter this world alone,

and we leave it just the same.

Just us,


in our nature.



HG – 2022

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