Burning the enmity

within you.

what is hate?

What makes

you smile?

Conquering yourself

means knowing

who you really are.



or a shadow?


or spoils of war?


or a pauper?

Do you know

what kind of life

you were meant for?


Have you considered

the very real


that you’re a stranger

to yourself,

and you don’t understand

you own


any more than someone

you have never met?


This is where

the anger wells.

This is where

the fear flows from.

You’re been experiencing

this who life

as no one.


Every emotion,

every laugh,

and every tear,

as if they are

happening outside

of you.


All the joy,

the terror,

and the rage,

as if they were

the travails

of someone else.


You’ve compartmentalized


right out of your own life.


This is why

you can’t sleep

at night.

They’re all

someone else’s dreams.



HG – 2022

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