What gives way

to a breakthrough?

Tuning in to me,

letting me in to you.


like a depth charge,

an explosion,

or an ocean;

a never ending crash.


The only thing

that lets us know

this place is madness,

is the silence

of the outside.

This is just a wave

of self-destruction


intelligent design.


Wasted a day

listening to the echoes

of the screams

from our past.

Tracing lines

on all the scars,


if it was really

all so bad.


I have lines

that I could never cross,


You have things

that you would never say

and I love you

for your virtue of restraint.


Feeling time rolling on,

never backwards.

The ocean ebbs and flows.

Our planet

wobbles in its orbit,

so who knows?


Reality is just

a very thin veneer.

A lie we tell ourselves

to quell our fear.

You and I

have heard the cries

of the chaos

and we know

it’s all too real.


Hard enough

to live a life

devoid of emotions

we used to feel.

You pull

and I push

and we break the seals.


We’re  imagining

a new reality

this year.



HG – 2022

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