A Dying Place


Breaking through


my armor

and my shell.


the only way

I knew.

Blocked out


including you.

Why am I only

learning now

that I have been missing out?


I could have put

my shield down.

I was strong enough

to survive the storm.

Life has such

funny ways

of teaching us

that we’re wrong.

There’s no way to


the lessons coming on.


So we all thought

we were going to move on,

but everything

is everything

and nothing

is every really



Learning to have

a little faith.

It’s not all

a waste.

Any day

is an end state,

if we stop moving.


Learning more

is to know sin.

We all let

the demons in.

Now, it’s time

to begin

turning them away.


I didn’t know

I’d made

so many mistakes.

Trying to make

a life

from a dying place.



HG – 2022

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