You and Me

It’s so cold
the river won’t run,
the frozen air
hides the sun,
and we can’t count on
it’s just you and me, Babe.

The things we thought
would always be,
were not what we always believed,
but we knew, eventually,
it’d be just you and me, Babe.

Time reveals all of our lies,
our weaknesses and our desires,
our failures fading over lives,
I know I’ve got you in mine.

Faith might move the mountain side,
like every day the sun will rise.
I’ll be yours,
if you’ll be mine,
until the end of the world, Babe.

To choose the joy
over the fear,
as the day draws ever near,
that you and I
are no longer here,
it’ll still be you and me, Babe.

Whatever happens after this,
the pearly gates, or black abyss,
the only part
of this world I’ll miss
is you and me, Babe.

HG – 2022

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